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World Cup 2023 Countdown: Team Rankings and Qualification Stories

With the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 set to kick off on October 5, the teams are gearing up for a spectacle of cricketing excellence. Eight teams, based on their positions in the rankings, along with the host nation, India, have earned the right to battle for glory.

As the cricketing world eagerly awaits the tournament, here’s a breakdown of the teams’ rankings and the intriguing journey of their qualification.

Qualification Drama:

The qualification process witnessed intense battles, with Sri Lanka securing their spot through an unbeaten run in the CWC23 Qualifier Final in Harare. They convincingly defeated the Netherlands by 128 runs, showcasing their prowess and determination. Meanwhile, the Netherlands, resilient in their pursuit, emerged victorious against Scotland, earning the 10th spot in the World Cup lineup.

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Team Rankings:

  1. India (Rating: 116): India, as the host nation, sits at the top of the rankings with an impressive rating of 116. Having played 44 matches, they have accumulated 5,085 points, making them a formidable force in the tournament.
  2. Pakistan (Rating: 115): Pakistan, with a rating of 115, holds the second position in the rankings. Their 27 matches have earned them 3,102 points, indicating a team in top form as they enter the World Cup fray.
  3. Australia (Rating: 112): Australia, a cricketing powerhouse, occupies the third spot with a rating of 112. After playing 31 matches, they have gathered 3,464 points, setting the stage for an electrifying World Cup campaign.
  4. South Africa (Rating: 106): In the fourth position is South Africa, boasting a rating of 106. Despite playing 24 matches, they have garnered 2,551 points, showcasing their competitive edge.
  5. England (Rating: 105): The English team, with a rating of 105, is placed fifth in the rankings. Having played 29 matches, they have accumulated 3,057 points, indicating a formidable challenge for their opponents.
  6. New Zealand (Rating: 103): New Zealand stands in the sixth position with a rating of 103. With 33 matches and 3,397 points, they enter the World Cup with a balanced and competitive squad.
  7. Sri Lanka (Rating: 92): Sri Lanka, having secured their place through the qualifier, sits at the seventh spot with a rating of 92. Their 38 matches have earned them 3,512 points, showcasing their determination.
  8. Bangladesh (Rating: 92): Bangladesh, with a similar rating of 92, is in the eighth position. After playing 35 matches, they have accumulated 3,209 points, setting the stage for a spirited World Cup campaign.
  9. Afghanistan (Rating: 80): Afghanistan, with a rating of 80, is in the ninth position. Despite playing 21 matches, they have showcased their cricketing prowess and earned 1,687 points.
  10. Netherlands (Rating: 37): The Netherlands, the 10th team to qualify, holds a rating of 37. With 28 matches and 1,044 points, they enter the World Cup with the zeal to make an impact on the global stage.

As the teams prepare to lock horns in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023, the stage is set for a cricketing extravaganza that promises thrilling contests, remarkable performances, and the pursuit of the coveted trophy. The rankings provide a glimpse into the form and standing of each team, adding an extra layer of anticipation to the tournament.

The cricketing world eagerly awaits the opening clash between England and New Zealand, heralding the beginning of a month-long cricket spectacle.

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