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Tim Paine says ‘Tasmanian lady’ herself sent sexting messages to him

Tim Paine says 'Tasmanian lady' herself sent sexting messages to him

  • Tim Paine has revealed the Tasmanian co-worker also sent him sex messages and he was not ‘only’ the one to be involved
  • Paine was asked for the evidence in court.
  • Cricket Tasmania has also accepted the lady has been hiding some messages.

Australia’s ex Test captain, Tim Paine, who gave up the post, has been asked to provide the evidence in the court following his sexting scandal went viral reported by Renee Ferguson, Paine’s former co-worker at Tasmanian Cricket. According to the scandal, the cricketer sent unsolicited texts to the lady, alongside genital images. However, Tim has explained that the lady is equally at sin, and did not send any fewer sex messages to him.

Paine was ashamed of his inclusion in the scandal, and apologized, retiring as Australia’s Test captain in November 2021. Upon being queried for an explanation and evidence in the court, he has stated he was sent indecent texts from the Tasmanian co-worker who has ‘solely’ accused him and dragged him into legal matters.

In a recent statement, Cricket Tasmania has revealed that the lady received messages like  ‘Will you want to taste my d**?? F**k me, I’m seriously h***.’ The statements stated she was frustrated by those messages and also requested compensation from Cricket Tasmania for mental fatigue. It has been reported that Ferguson has filed a case portraying incomplete chats, hiding her side of the story, and only showcasing Tim’s messages.

Cricket Tasmania moreover commented Paine has now also complained of highly explicit messages from Ferguson. The chat included more than 20 to 30 messages according to the cricketer and the women had strayed away from revealing the full matter while filing the court documents making it ‘incomplete and inaccurate.

‘The applicant’s text messages to Mr Paine escalated such that they contained highly sexualized and explicit sexual content,” Cricket Tasmania admitted as per daily mail.

Apart from this matter, the lady has also been accused of stealing, however, she has denied blame in a separate matter. She has been fired from her post and also resigned as a receptionist. The two parties have tried to settle down the matter with mediation discussions which did not work out. The case will now return to the Federal Court on May 10 and the judge had already warned the parties of the hearing could entangle “complex medical questions”.

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