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Shahid Afridi criticizes Babar Azam’s captaincy

Shahid Afridi criticizes Babar Azam's captaincy
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  • Shahid Afridi expresses disappointment in Babar Azam’s captaincy during World Cup 2023.
  • Pakistan faces an uphill battle in the World Cup with four consecutive defeats, aiming to reverse their fortunes against Bangladesh on October 31.

In a candid revelation, former Pakistani all-rounder Shahid Afridi voiced his concerns about Babar Azam’s captaincy during the ongoing ICC World Cup 2023. Afridi, who led the Green Shirts in the 2011 World Cup, expressed disappointment that Babar did not evolve as a captain as he had hoped.

Afridi remarked on a local sports show,

“I wanted myself to be proven wrong. I wanted Babar to become a better captain with time, but that didn’t happen. Yes, he kept becoming a big player, but I wanted him to become as big a captain as he is a player, honestly speaking, I couldn’t see in Babar what I was hoping to see.”

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Afridi emphasized the qualities of a good leader, highlighting the importance of fearless decision-making and taking chances with a full heart. He urged Babar Azam to embrace the challenges of leadership, noting that a captain should think differently from the other players on the field.

Afridi explained,

“A leader doesn’t fear failure, he takes his chances with a full heart, especially when you are a good performer individually and there is no fear of losing your captaincy. He [Babar] has been the captain for four years now, and I have never seen someone being a captain for this long, not just that, he also got the support of everyone.”

The cricket veteran advised Babar Azam to engage with five to six senior players in the squad, stressing the importance of effective communication. Afridi emphasized that considering the perspectives of all team members equally is crucial for success.

Afridi urged,

“I think that apart from the management and coach, Babar should communicate with 5-6 senior players because when you do that, those players start to give their all. I have played in this team, and I know you cannot just ask two to three players and ignore the others; this creates problems. You have to consider them all equally. So when you win, you all win, and when you lose, you all lose.”

As Pakistan faces an uphill battle in the World Cup, Afridi’s candid assessment adds an intriguing layer to the challenges facing the team. Pakistan will look to turn the tide when they face Bangladesh on Tuesday 31st October, in a crucial match that will impact their journey in the tournament.

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