Salman Butt reacts on Wasim Akram’s ODI remark

In a press conference, Wasim Akram talked about wanting to remove ODIs from the International cricket schedule. But, Salman Butt believes that ODI is a pillar of cricket.

Salman Butt reacts on Wasim Akram's ODI remark

He mentioned that it is the One Day International game where Wasim Akram has played a total of 356 matches and has taken 502 wickets. Former Pakistan captain Salman Butt further said that the only difference between the ODIs and T20s is that the T20s have many leagues worldwide and more money involved.

Butt was further noted saying on his YouTube channel:

“One-dayers have big tournaments but there are no leagues in it. So, if someone is facing exhaustion with a packed schedule, they prefer to retire from ODIs. This way, they can have a cash-rich option in T20s and the long format one in Tests,”

“Wasim Bhai is our legend. Who are we to say anything to him. I respect his opinion, but he also has 500 wickets in ODIs only. The two deliveries he bowled in the World Cup that everyone remembers; you won’t see them in T20s. There’s not enough time in that format. He was the man of the match in the World Cup final,” added Butt.

He also said that he never wants ODI cricket to end as one-day format is a pillar of cricket. In T20s you cannot bowl exemplary delivers due to a short time interval; such bowling can only be done in an extended format just like ODIs. Wasim was also in approval of Ben Stokes’s retirement from ODI cricket, who mentioned that it is “unstainable” for him to play this long format.

Many International players spoke up on this topic, including India’s Ravichandran Ashwin, who said that he “switches off the TV after some time” while watching an ODI match; moreover, Australian cricketer Usman Khawaja also affirmed that ODI cricket is “dying”.

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