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Salman Butt Labels Umpiring Decisions in ICC World Cup 2023 as ‘Pathetic’

  • Former cricketer Salman Butt strongly criticizes the umpiring decisions in the ICC World Cup 2023.
  • Salman Butt highlights questionable calls involving David Warner, Jonny Bairstow, and Marais Erasmus, citing the term “pathetic.”
  • The criticism extends to crucial moments, including overturned decisions, raising concerns about the consistency of umpiring standards.

In the midst of the ICC World Cup 2023, former Pakistani opener Salman Butt has taken a critical stance on the umpiring decisions, labeling them as “pathetic.” Salman Butt, who represented Pakistan in 135 international matches, expressed his concerns regarding what he perceives as questionable decision-making, particularly focusing on instances involving David Warner and Jonny Bairstow.

Addressing the matter on his YouTube channel, Butt highlighted the frustration caused by marginal decisions during crucial moments of the tournament.

“The umpiring hasn’t been up to the mark in the World Cup—very pathetic decision-making.”

Salman Butt stated, emphasizing the impact of decisions on key players. He specifically mentioned the cases of David Warner against Sri Lanka and Jonny Bairstow against Afghanistan, both of whom were given out on “umpire’s call” after opting for a review.

During Australia’s match against Sri Lanka, Warner, visibly frustrated, was declared LBW by the on-field umpire. However, upon choosing to review the decision, it was revealed that the ball wasn’t completely hitting the stumps. Despite this, Warner was still given out on the “umpire’s call.”

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A similar fate awaited Jonny Bairstow, who, during his match against Afghanistan, found himself dismissed under comparable circumstances. Initially declared LWB out by the on-field umpire, Bairstow opted for a review, believing the ball would miss the stumps. However, he was given out on the “umpire’s call.”

Butt’s criticism extended beyond individual matches. He pointed out incidents from the highly anticipated Pakistan-India encounter where experienced official Marais Erasmus faced scrutiny for his decisions.

“There are no world-class umpiring standards.”

Salman Butt remarked, underscoring what he perceives as a lack of consistency and excellence in the officiating.

The former opener highlighted specific moments, such as Mohammad Rizwan’s overturned decision during the Pakistan-India clash, as examples of the variance in umpiring standards. Butt’s assessment raises questions about the overall quality of umpiring in the ongoing ICC World Cup and its potential impact on the outcomes of crucial matches.

As controversies surrounding umpiring decisions continue to make headlines, it remains to be seen whether Butt’s concerns will lead to a broader discussion about the need for improved officiating standards in international cricket.

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