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Saim Ayub Must Go for Australia Tour -Moin Khan

  • Moin Khan advocates for Saim Ayub and Shan Masood’s inclusion in the Pakistan team for the upcoming Australia tour, citing their skills and first-class performances.

Renowned former Pakistani cricketer Moin Khan has weighed in on the upcoming Pakistan tour of Australia in December 2023, asserting that emerging talent Saim Ayub and seasoned batter Shan Masood should be key inclusions for the challenging series against Australia.

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In an exclusive statement during a local sports show, Moin emphasized the need to expose young players to the demanding conditions of Australian cricket. He expressed confidence in Saim Ayub’s capabilities, highlighting the young star’s deserving call-up for the tour.

Moin Khan stated,

“For this tour [to Australia], Saim deserves the call, and he should go. Not only Saim, but Shan Masood also scored a lot of runs in first-class cricket, and he is a contender as well.”

Moin Khan lauded Shan Masood’s prolific first-class cricket performance, deeming him a strong contender for the Australian tour.

He added,

“Young players should be given exposure on these tough conditions. The team should consist of [young] fast bowlers as well as the batters.”

Moin Khan stressed the importance of incorporating young fast bowlers along with batters, recognizing the significance of exposing players to tough conditions early in their careers. He underscored that Australia is the ultimate learning ground for cricketers, offering diverse pitches and challenging conditions that contribute to the overall development of players.

He concluded,

“I believe that if there is one place where you can learn [about cricket], it’s Australia. You get a lot of exposure there. [There are] different pitches, when you play in difficult conditions and score runs, you become a better cricketer and then you are ready to face any team in the world.”

The backdrop of Moin Khan’s recommendations comes at a crucial time for the Pakistan cricket team, currently navigating the ICC World Cup 2023. The team’s recent setback against South Africa has left their chances of reaching the semi-finals hanging by a thread. Moin’s forward-looking suggestions for the Australia tour hint at a strategic approach to rebuilding and strengthening the team, especially with an eye on the challenges that lie ahead.

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