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Ramiz Raja reveals former PM Imran Khan has cut off all contacts with him

Ramiz Raja reveals former PM Imran Khan has cut off all contacts with him

The chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), Mr Ramiz Raja has revealed that the former Prime Minister of the country, Imran Khan has cut off all contacts with him. Since the PM is PCB’s patron in chief, Imran opted for Raja as the board’s chairman in September 2021 during his regime.

Notably, the PTI government fell as a result of a no-confidence vote, and the new Prime Minister, Mian Mohammad Shahbaz Shareef is likely to announce a new PCB chairman of his choice soon. The gossip regarding sacking Ramiz from his post goes on since PMLN took over PTI.

Although Ramiz announced that he will not resign until he is asked to, the forceful statements do not end revolving. In the recent developments, the PCB chairman has announced that he is in no contact with Khan, who earlier supported him saying ‘Ramiz is my player, and will fight till the last ball’.

Moreover, Raja has revealed he is not getting in touch with the current PM. He is looking for an appointment to reveal the work and feels there is no ego in a meeting since all that matters is uplifting Pakistan Cricket. Ramiz further stated that one should not survive amidst the speculations hence, the meeting is on the board for clarification in regard.

Ramiz Raja looking forward to a meeting with PM Shahbaz Shareef

His statements read,

“Imran Bhai cut off contact with me. I haven’t talked to him for a long time now. We can’t live around speculations. I believe there is a need for continuity apart from political differences. See, our prime minister is our patron-in-chief, we have requested his time and if he meets us, we will tell him about our work. I think there is no need for ego here as, in the end, we all want upliftment of cricket.”

“If there is anything in the constitution about the removal of PCB chairman every time, go ahead with it. Otherwise, fulfilling individual desires won’t work in favor of the game. The ball is in the court of him [PM Shahbaz],”

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