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PCB Wants Pakistan to Lose in World Cup 2023

PCB Wants Pakistan to Lose in World Cup 2023 , Claims A Pakistan Senior Player
  • An unnamed senior player from Pakistan cricket team, talking to Cricbuzz, believes that the PCB is deliberately causing the team’s failure in the current ICC Cricket World Cup 2023.

In a surprising revelation, a senior player from the Pakistan cricket team, choosing to remain anonymous, has accused the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) of intentionally steering the team towards failure in the ongoing ICC Cricket World Cup 2023. The player alleges that the board’s motive behind this strategy is to instigate changes in team leadership and composition, enabling them to assert control over critical decisions.

According to the senior player,

“The board wants the team to fail, they don’t want us to win the World Cup just so that they can make the changes and take control of who leads the team and who gets into the team.”

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Expressing frustration over internal matters being publicized, the player highlighted the team’s ability to handle conflicts internally without external interference. However, leaked discussions and external criticisms, particularly on social media and from former cricketers, have reportedly impacted the team’s morale.

The challenging environment, marked by extended hotel stays, negative crowd reactions, and external criticisms, has taken a toll on the team. Despite their dedication and aspirations to win the World Cup, the player expressed discontent with the lack of support from the PCB, accusing the board of exacerbating the team’s challenges rather than offering assistance.

The senior player specifically criticized a recent press release by the PCB, deeming it unnecessary and accusing the board of engaging in political maneuvering instead of focusing on the team’s performance in the World Cup.

“That letter (press release) by PCB was unnecessary. If the captain and the selector won’t pick the team, then who else will? We’ve come here to play the World Cup, and they are busy playing politics,” remarked the player.

Amidst these allegations, the pakistani senior player questioned the motives behind the PCB’s actions and expressed skepticism about the board’s commitment to the team’s success. The senior player concluded by expressing a desire to confront the PCB’s leadership upon the team’s return to Pakistan, questioning how they could look the players in the eye after allegedly contributing to discord within the team.

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