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Why Pakistan Women Cricket Team is an ‘often’ disappointment?

Women Cricket, across the globe, is triggered. Yet, there is a massive gap in comparison to men’s cricket that needs to be fulfilled following several areas of consideration lacking management’s attention. In a male-dominant country like Pakistan, it is hard for a woman to be a superhero. Visibly, cricket is for both in Greenland, but men’s cricket has developed a more extensive area of interest, with women cricket lacking behind.

Today’s Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) is taking numerous actions in boosting women’s cricket, yet the results are so far not fulfilling in terms of their performance. Several reasons need to be analyzed why Pakistani women cricketers are a disappointment following back-to-back failures in competitions.

Less equipment provided:

In contrast to men’s cricket, women’s cricket in Pakistan sees exposure to less equipment and salaries. Suppose if a batsman is making 1 Million per annum in Pakistan, the batswoman will be making 200,000 in contrast. This racism, and gender discrimination have kept Pakistan Women’s Cricket far away from where it should be.

Each point why the performance of Pakistani women players has not been up to the mark is linked up with every other moment. For example, less equipment is provided because people do not have much interest in watching women’s cricket. But how do people develop an interest? Probably, through an equal marketing forum used similarly for both genders. Also, since there is very little funding for the Pakistan women’s cricket team, it can be said there is not enough investment to polish women’s cricket in the region.

Low marketing:

Whenever there come men’s international players, teams, cricket bodies, and tournaments in Pakistan, people’s interest in meeting and greeting, entertaining, and hospitalization is at the climax. For example, the Australia Cricket Team is in Pakistan, and one can easily see ‘Welcome’ banners posts all over. But, there is merely any promotional post for the Pakistan women’s cricket team and their local tournaments if any happens.

Barely, any channel covers Pakistan’s women’s cricket fully. Neither, the game is live broadcasted on channels. In contrast, men’s cricket is appreciated and shown on the screens, Public TVs, Televisions, cinemas, radios, and multiple streaming mediums.

All funding for men’s cricket team:

Over the past few years, we have seen PCB investing vast amounts in men’s cricket. The Pakistan Super League (PSL) itself has been an enormous success. But, no such initiative for the women’s cricket team has been taken so far. The women PSL is on the verge of launch, hoping that female sporting will get an immense boost. One must have noticed male cricket teams often visiting Pakistan, but there are no talks about welcoming women’s international groups, apart from West Indies women touring a few years back.

Less encouragement:

We see women’s stats, in comparison to men, lack pretty enough. This is because of men’s cricket team gets enough to boast on the downfall, enough back, and enough support. But, despite being visible, the decline in women’s performance is not entertained on the maximum level. Thousands of social media posts for Pakistan vs Australia are thrilling. Still, Women World Cup, Bismah Maroof, Pakistan Wome’s cricket team, are not even in the trending section despite the marquee event celebrated cheerfully in other countries.

In the ongoing Women World Cup 2022, Pakistan managed to win two warm-up games but has faced two consecutive defeats in both games played versus India and Australia, respectively.

Two decades on, women’s cricket in Pakistan continues to face difficulties fuelled by systemic gender discrimination and institutional apathy. Much of the energy and resources of the national cricket board are devoted to developing Pakistan’s male cricket team, while their female counterparts are left in the lurch.

Tell us in the comments if woes in Pakistan cricket can be solved in the near future with possible actions taken for transformation.


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