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Oldest living Test cricketers from every country

Cricket, often regarded as a timeless sport, has witnessed the rise and fall of numerous legends who have left an indelible mark on the game. As of February 2, 2024, a unique fraternity of cricketers stands apart, not for their playing days on the field, but for their remarkable journey beyond the boundaries of retirement.

These individuals, considered the oldest living Test cricketers, serve as living testimonials to the rich history of the sport. In this exploration, we delve into the lives and cricketing journeys of some of the most seasoned players who have gracefully entered their golden years, embodying the essence of endurance and the enduring spirit of cricket.

Oldest living Test cricketers

Ronald Draper (South Africa):

  • Date of Birth: December 24, 1926
  • Debut: February 10, 1950
  • Last Match: March 6, 1950
  • Age (as of February 2, 2024): 97 years, 40 days Ronald Draper, a South African cricketer, epitomizes the longevity that only a select few achieve. Having made his debut in 1950, Draper’s cricketing journey spans an era where the sport evolved significantly. As he approaches the remarkable age of 97, his presence stands as a living testament to the history of South African cricket.

Neil Harvey (Australia):

  • Date of Birth: October 8, 1928
  • Debut: January 22, 1948
  • Last Match: February 20, 1963
  • Age (as of February 2, 2024): 95 years, 117 days Neil Harvey, an Australian cricketing icon, emerged as one of the country’s finest batsmen. With a career spanning 15 years, Harvey played a pivotal role in Australia’s success on the international stage. Now at the age of 95, he continues to be a living treasure, symbolizing the golden era of Australian cricket.

Datta Gaekwad (India):

  • Date of Birth: October 27, 1928
  • Debut: June 5, 1952
  • Last Match: January 18, 1961
  • Age (as of February 2, 2024): 95 years, 98 days Datta Gaekwad, an Indian cricketing stalwart, graced the field during a transformative period for Indian cricket. His journey, spanning nearly a decade, contributed significantly to the growth of the sport in India. As he celebrates his 95th year, Gaekwad remains a revered figure in the cricketing community.

Trevor McMahon (New Zealand):

  • Date of Birth: November 8, 1929
  • Debut: October 13, 1955
  • Last Match: February 6, 1956
  • Age (as of February 2, 2024): 94 years, 86 days Trevor McMahon, a New Zealand cricketer of yesteryear, left an indelible mark during his brief yet impactful cricketing journey. At the age of 94, McMahon represents an era when New Zealand cricket was beginning to carve its niche on the global stage.

Wazir Mohammad (Pakistan):

  • Date of Birth: December 22, 1929
  • Debut: November 13, 1952
  • Last Match: November 13, 1959
  • Age (as of February 2, 2024): 94 years, 42 days Wazir Mohammad, a pioneer in Pakistani cricket, showcased his prowess during the formative years of the nation’s cricketing journey. As he gracefully ages, Wazir’s presence serves as a living link to Pakistan’s cricketing heritage.

C. D. Gopinath (India):

  • Date of Birth: March 1, 1930
  • Debut: March 14, 1951
  • Last Match: January 28, 1960
  • Age (as of February 2, 2024): 93 years, 338 days C. D. Gopinath, an Indian cricketer with a distinctive style, contributed to the nation’s cricketing narrative during the mid-20th century. As he approaches his 94th year, Gopinath’s longevity becomes a source of inspiration for aspiring cricketers.

Ian Leggat (New Zealand):

  • Date of Birth: June 7, 1930
  • Debut: January 1, 1954
  • Last Match: January 5, 1954
  • Age (as of February 2, 2024): 93 years, 240 days Ian Leggat, a New Zealand cricketer with a brief yet impactful international stint, represents the resilience of cricket during an era of rapid evolution. At 93, Leggat continues to symbolize the spirit of the game.

Jack Alabaster (New Zealand):

  • Date of Birth: July 11, 1930
  • Debut: October 13, 1955
  • Last Match: March 14, 1972
  • Age (as of February 2, 2024): 93 years, 206 days Jack Alabaster, another cricketing gem from New Zealand, boasts an unparalleled cricketing career spanning over a decade. As he stands on the cusp of turning 94, Alabaster’s longevity underscores the enduring passion for the sport.

Chandrakant Patankar (India):

  • Date of Birth: November 24, 1930
  • Debut: December 28, 1955
  • Last Match: January 2, 1956
  • Age (as of February 2, 2024): 93 years, 70 days Chandrakant Patankar, an Indian cricketer from an era of transition, contributed to the nation’s cricketing fabric during the mid-20th century. As he approaches his 94th year, Patankar remains a living chapter in India’s cricketing history.

Raman Subba Row (England):

  • Date of Birth: January 29, 1932

  • Debut: July 24, 1958

  • Last Match: August 22, 1961Age (as of February 2, 2024): 92 years, 4 days
Raman Subba Row, an English cricketer, left an indelible mark during his tenure in the national team. As he celebrates his 92nd year, Subba Row’s legacy stands as a testament to the enduring global appeal of Test cricket.

In this exploration of the oldest living Test cricketers, we witness not only the passage of time but the living history of a sport that transcends generations. These players, with their enduring passion and commitment, continue to inspire cricket enthusiasts worldwide, reminding us that the spirit of the game remains timeless. As they gracefully age, the legacy of these living legends becomes a cherished link to cricket’s golden years, offering a profound connection between the past, present, and future of the sport.

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