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Najam Sethi to meet ACC and ICC officials

Najam Sethi, Chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board’s management committee, will be in the UAE to attend the opening ceremony of the International League T20 (ILT20) on January 12. He has been invited by the Emirates Cricket Board and will take this opportunity to hold sideline meetings with the Asian Cricket Council (ACC) and the International Cricket Council (ICC).

During his meeting with ACC officials, Sethi will discuss Pakistan’s stance on hosting the Asia Cup 2023. India recently withdrew from the tournament due to political tensions between the two countries, and Sethi will work towards resolving any differences between Pakistan and other ACC members.

In addition to discussing the Asia Cup, Sethi will also meet with ICC officials to talk about the Champions Trophy 2025. Pakistan has been granted hosting rights for the event, and Sethi will work towards ensuring the smooth execution of the tournament.

It’s worth noting that Pakistan last hosted an Asian event back in 2008; since then, the political situation between India and Pakistan has been a significant obstacle to hosting any international cricket event. Sethi’s visit to UAE and his meeting with ACC, ICC and ECB could be a step towards positive developments in this regard.

Sethi’s visit to UAE is an important step towards promoting Pakistan’s cricket and resolving any issues related to international cricket events being hosted in Pakistan. His meetings with ACC, ICC and ECB officials are crucial for paving the way for a successful Asia Cup 2023 and Champions Trophy 2025 in Pakistan.

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