Top 10 cricketers with the most man of the match awards

In a cricket match, a cricketer with the most appealing performance wins an award called the man of the match, which is granted by the end of the encounter. The man of the match became a regular tradition in the 1980s in international cricket. It is given to the player who contributes most to winning the match, however, in some cases, a player from the losing team can also be the man of the match.

When there is a tie in performance, it is hard to choose a man of the match. Consequently, fans battle that the award should have been given to some other player. Over the years, multiple cricketers have been able to gather over 30 men of the match awards, however, soles have surpassed 40 and 60 respectively. Let’s have a look at the top 10 cricketers with the most man of the match awards.

Top 10 cricketers with the most man of the match awards

Sachin Tendulkar:

Top 10 cricketers with the most man of the match awards

Sachin Tendulkar, the God of Cricket who once ruled the Indian cricket team, is the only player to have more than 70 players of the match awards. During the span of 1989-2012, featuring in 664 international cricket matches, Tendulkar had accumulated 76 awards.

One of the best batsmen in world cricket has piled 15921 Test runs in 200 matches whereas, he made 18426 ODI runs in 463 matches. The player although did not get more than one T20I to play, but yet has the interesting stats with the most player of the match awards.

No wonder why he has been known as the greatest batsman and the greatest cricketer yet remembered and respected. Most of his player of the match awards ended in the winning cause for the Indian cricket team. From hitting smoky boundaries to scoring thrilling centuries, he has done a lot for the team.

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Sanath Jayasuriya:

Top 10 cricketers with the most man of the match awards

The former Sri Lankan captain Sanath Jayasuriya served his homeland from 1991 to 2011. He has played 110 Test matches amassing 6973 runs and averaging 40.1. Playing 445 ODI matches, he scored 13430 runs, whereas, in 31 T20Is, he could add 629 runs.

During his span, Jayasuriya won 48 players of the match awards, the most by any Sri Lankan cricketer, and second-best in the world after Tendulkar. In over 550 representations, the left-handed batsman compiled 58 MOM awards. Jayasuriya, one of the icon players, closed his career in 2011. Surprisingly, he is the only cricketer to score 10000 runs and pick 300 wickets in a single format, ODI.

Virat Kohli:

Top 10 cricketers with the most man of the match awards

Virat Kohli is undoubtedly the modern cricket world’s best cricketer. Although his form has been suffering for two years, but it does not change the stats he has stocked since he joined international cricket. Kohli has not been near the international hundred for more than two years which has raised many questions about him. Despite quitting all formats and IPL captaincy, he is yet to render appealing performances.

However, he is the cricketer with the third most man of the match awards, and the second Indian to do so after Tendulkar. Kohli joined India cricket in 2008 and has performed exceptionally since then. The 33-year old has 57 player of the match awards in international cricket. Since his career continues, he surely will surpass 60 MOM awards in all formats, soon becoming the second cricketer with 70+ receiving after the country’s fellow Tendulkar. Not only this, but he has plenty of man of the series award.

Jacques Kallis:

Top 10 cricketers with the most man of the match awards

Jacques Kallis, the greatest all rounder of all time has jaw-dropping stats in all formats of the games. Joining South Africa Cricket Team in 1996, and playing for almost two decades, Kallis has 57 Man of the Match awards. It equals Kohli’s numbers for the MOM awards hence, the two players can be the joint third-highest getters for it.

The former player has contributed to the team’s victory in all ways i.e from energetic fielding to thrilling bowling and exceptional batting. Now the South African cricket coach, Kallis represented his team in 166 Tests, 328 ODIs, and 25 t20Is. In the mentioned number of matches, he scored 13289, 11579, and 666 runs respectively whereas, clutched 292, 273, and 12 wickets.

Ricky Ponting:

Top 10 cricketers with the most man of the match awards

The ex-Australian cricket team’s captain, Ricky Ponting, served the nation from 1995 to 2012. During his tenure, he collected 49 player of the match awards in 560 international matches. The number of his ODI MOM awards is equal to Kallis’ ODI man of the match awards. Hence, he is the fourth joint highest man of the match getter alongside Pakistan’s Shahid Afridi in the 50-over format.

Playing 168 Test matches, Ponting smashed 13378 runs. In the 50-over format, he had 13704 runs, whereas, in 17 T20Is, he scored 401 runs. Apart from playing, he proved his cricket talent on the grounds of coaching and commentating.

Shahid Afridi:

Top 10 cricketers with the most man of the match awards

Pakistan’s Shahid Afridi is one of those cricketers who are known all across the world. Those, who do not adore cricket, know cricket by Afridi’s name. In his stellar career, Afridi became a Man of the Match award winner 43 times. The former captain has represented the nation in international cricket 524 times. Apart from this, he has 32 match awards in ODI.

Although he started his career as a leg spinner, but soon became an all-rounder, with terrific boundary blows, entertaining the crowd. Often, he was the useful batter team needed the most to pull game out of opponent’s hands. Afridi has played 27 Test matches for Pakistan Cricket Team and made 1716 runs. He has 8064 ODI runs in 398 matches and 1416 runs in 99 T20Is. In the mentioned formats, the leg-break has dismissed 48, 395, and 98 cricketers excluding run-outs and tremendous catches.

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Vivian Richards:

Top 10 cricketers with the most man of the match awards

Sir Vivian Richards is one of the very few cricketers who are listed among the top 10 cricketers with the most man of the match awards. As far as his match awards are concerned in ODI cricket, he inspired the lookout 31 times. Overall, playing 308 matches for the West Indies, Richards received the man of the match award 41 times.

As far as limited-overs cricket is concerned, he played 187 ODIs and shattered 6721 runs collecting 31 player of the match awards. The right-handed batter amassed 8540 runs in 121 Tests averaging 50.2. Undoubtedly, Vivian was one of the best batsmen of his time, and all time greatest batsman yet known in the cricket world.

Kumar Sangakkara:

Top 10 cricketers with the most man of the match awards

Kumar Sangakkara, the former captain of the Sri Lanka Cricket Team, was the best batsman the cricket world can ever produce. He was widely regarded as the backbone of his team during his tenure. He played 594 matches until his retirement and was a man of the match winner 50 times.

No doubt, Sangakkara’s boundaries were loved by all. He became the highest run-getter for his country in ODIs. As far as the 50-over format is considered, Sangakkara has 31 awards in 404 games.

Brian Lara:

Top 10 cricketers with the most man of the match awards

The former Trinidadian player was truly a masterclass of his talent. The left-handed batter scored 10000+ runs in both formats; tests and ODIs. In 299 ODIs, Lara received the player of the match award 30 times. Overall, he was applauded for the feat 42 times in his blockbuster career.

Lara is yet regarded as one of the greatest batsmen ever. He also topped the Test rankings multiple times alongside several other cricket records, that are yet unbeaten in the era of modern cricket.

Aravinda De Silva:

Top 10 cricketers with the most man of the match awards

Aravinda de Silva is one of those cricketers who can be placed in the list of top 10 cricketers with the most man of the match awards. Due to his dedication to the team and his game, he was regarded as one of the best batters of the team of his time.

He became the only cricketer to to score a ton in a World Cup final match alongside picking 3 or more wickets. In 401 International cricket matches, De Silva has gathered MOM awards 41 times, just one less than West Indies’s Lara. Discussing the One-Day Internationals, the former has an equal number of MOM awards as Lara, 30.

In 93 Test matches, the right-handed batter scored 6361 runs whereas, 9284 ODI runs fall in his laps in just 308 games at an average of 34.9.

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