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Is Hassan Ali a red flag for World Cup 2023?


  1. Hasan Ali’s unexpected entry into the World Cup squad ¬†sparked criticism and skepticism from both cricket experts and enthusiasts
  2. A closer look at Hassan Ali’s recent statistics reveals that his overall performance has been less than impressive
  3. Hassan Ali is the right choice for the World Cup, and these doubts have become increasingly pronounced as the tournament approaches

Hassan Ali’s last-minute inclusion in the World Cup squad has stirred a whirlwind of debate and controversy. This decision, prompted by Naseem Shah’s untimely injury, has left cricket enthusiasts and experts scratching their heads, with some even suggesting that it may be linked to Hassan Ali’s close relationship with Captain Babar Azam.

The skepticism surrounding this selection is not unwarranted. A critical look at Hassan Ali’s recent track record doesn’t exactly bolster the case for his inclusion in the squad. The standout question on everyone’s mind as the World Cup approaches is whether Hassan Ali is the right choice.

Making sense out of Hassan Ali Selection:

In a bid to justify this selection, Inzamam-ul-Haq, while announcing the squad, pointed to Hassan Ali’s recent performances in the Lanka Premier League (LPL) and his experience in playing high-stakes matches for Pakistan. The management believes that following Naseem Shah’s injury, they need someone who can effectively handle the new ball and make an impact with the old ball, all while infusing the team with positive energy.

Hassan Ali’s last 10 bowling performances:

However, despite these explanations, the doubts persist. A deep dive into Hassan Ali’s statistics from the past raises concerns. Except for one standout performance against England where he claimed five wickets, his numbers fail to inspire confidence. The question mark hanging over Hassan Ali’s selection grows more pronounced with each passing day as the World Cup draws nearer.

For a clearer perspective, let’s delve into the statistics:

Overs Maiden Runs Wickets Economy Fours Sixes Opposition Venue Date
10.0 0 66 0 6.60 4 2 v England Nottingham 3 Jun 2019
10.0 0 67 1 6.70 3 1 v Australia Taunton 12 Jun 2019
9.0 0 84 1 9.33 2 1 v India Manchester 16 Jun 2019
10.0 0 76 1 7.60 2 2 v South Africa Centurion 7 Apr 2021
4.0 0 33 0 8.25 2 2 v England Cardiff 8 Jul 2021
9.2 0 51 5 5.46 2 1 v England Lord’s 10 Jul 2021
9.0 0 69 1 7.66 2 2 v England Birmingham 13 Jul 2021
8.0 0 56 0 7.00 1 1 v Australia Lahore 29 Mar 2022
10.0 0 68 0 6.80 2 1 v West Indies Multan 8 Jun 2022
5.2 0 29 2 5.43 1 2 v West Indies Multan 12 Jun 2022

Question Mark on Hassan Ali Performance:

A closer examination of his performance history reveals that, apart from the remarkable display against England, Hassan Ali’s contributions have been less than stellar. As the World Cup inches closer, the uncertainty surrounding his performance and the wisdom of his selection persist as significant concerns.

In the coming days, cricket fans and pundits alike will be keenly observing Hassan Ali, hoping that he can rise to the occasion and prove his doubters wrong. The World Cup is a stage where champions are made, and only time will tell if Hassan Ali can truly make his mark and silence the critics.

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