ICC to assure Franchise League matter, says Ramiz Raja

International Cricket Council (ICC) will give written assurity on the increasing franchise leagues matter, says the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairman Ramiz Raja.

ICC to assure Franchise League matter, says Ramiz Raja

After the previous statement made by Ramiz Raja, “cricket will suffer downfall if nations continue treating cricket like football”, many cricketing legends have spoken up against the increase in Franchise League cricket, which has consumed a considerable space in the cricket calendar.

Cricket is adapting itself more to the franchise format, and there has been no doubt after the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has reserved two and a half-month free window for the famous Indian Premier League (IPL)  in the next Future Tours Program (FTP) 2023-27.

It was thus essential to pay heed to such a matter, and so the International Cricket Council (ICC) had conducted a meeting which he, after attending, reported that:

“There weren’t any big decisions in this meeting as mostly associate members were present, But yes, increasing leagues matter was discussed and we raised concerns over it. This has now become a serious business and ICC will give paper on it. Because FTP has been squeezed due to the increasing number of leagues,”

“There is complete homework behind FTP finalisation. It’s not something done overnight. We had a look at it and I think two-match Test series should be converted into three-match. And, we are fighting for it, soon you will hear good news,” he added.


In the FTP, the number of tests given is less which is just 29, so this matter will also be looked after, and currently, it is worked out, Ramiz said. Further, according to the reports, India, England, and Australia will also get free windows for hosting their franchise leagues in the next FTP cycle.

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