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Do not want to see certain faces in team India, says Sehwag

Former Indian cricketers and experts do not look happy with team India’s performances in the ICC T20 World Cup 2022. Specifically, after the semifinal of the event, England overpowered them by ten wickets, which turned out as a humiliating defeat for them after losing against Pakistan in the World Cup 2021 in a similar manner.

Apart from some mediocre performances, India have been qualifying for the final of the ICC events and lost in crucial moments. To be precise, they have been struggling to lift a trophy and came across such fortune last time under MS Dhoni’s captaincy.

Virender Sehwag is one of those ex-cricketers who do not adore the approach of the Indian Cricket Team. He says he would like to see changes in the current squad, totally free from certain faces.

“I won’t talk about mindset and all, but I would definitely want to see changes in personnel. I don’t want to see certain faces in the next World Cup. It happened in the 2007 T20 World Cup, also. The stalwarts playing for all these years did not go to that World Cup.

He says no one has bounded their expectations from the youngsters named in the all-important event’s squad.

A bunch of youngsters went, and nobody had any expectations from them, and I would want to see a similar sort of team picked for the next T20 World Cup; nobody will expect them to win, but that team will be for the future,”

He further says that he does not want to see some of the senior cricketers in the squad; hence, they have been failing to contribute to the team’s victory.

“If you start thinking about your future now, then only you’ll be able to put together a team in two years’ time. I would not want to see some non-performing seniors in the next World Cup. I hope the selectors will make such calls.

He feels that if the same selectors as of now would continue to select the team, there would barely be any changes.

But the problem is will these selectors remain till the next World Cup? There will be a selection panel, new management, and a new approach, so will they make the changes? But one thing is for sure if they go into the next World Cup with the same team and the same approach, then the results will also be the same,”

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