Cricrew would like to inform you that the images featured on the website may be accessible from various sources on the Internet and are considered to be open source in use for representation purposes. The content and images that are available through the Internet are both in the public domain, thereby allowing users to make use of them. In addition, while being accountable for our actions Cricrew will never in any way intend to violate or infringe the rights belonging to an individual company that is explicitly declared by the same. If you are the SOLE rights holder of an image or content that appears at our website, make the effort to inform Cricrew of this. Infractions of any kind of copyright or right of ownership, even if not prevented, if a person or firm has concerns about cricrew using their copied or owned content as it is not authorized to do so and/or without appropriate credit to support the use, they may write us a complaint/notice/request to take down the image/ content or to request the removal of any other (Please be specific about the reason)

Email us at

Please make sure your forwarded complaint, notice, or request includes all the necessary information.


Name, along with any other details that are valid for the complainant as well as an official document to prove SOLE rightful ownership of the photo, the content or others involved.


The exact location on the site where the content was initially viewed by the person who was the aggrieved and photographic proof and/or URL links to the webpage.


Particular details of the image, its content, or another.


A declaration addressed to cricrew of being the rightful owner of the work used inappropriately by the company; (which will be used against if ever the complaint is found to be fraudulent/misleading/defamatory by the company.)


If you are the original copyright holder or someone authorized to act on their behalf, please make sure to include a letter of authorization and a signed declaration when sending us your request.

If any above of the information isn’t properly or correctly, your request may not be considered. If there are any major errors, it could lead to a lawsuit by Cricrew. Make sure to fill out the form accurately if you want your case to be taken seriously.

In light of all the information and the clauses that are part of the policy of founding of the firm, Cricrew never intends to hold any rights over anything held by anyone other than the Cricrew or its Associates.