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Dharamsala outfield worst state raises concern for players safety

  • Highlighting the deplorable condition of the outfield in Dharamsala during the Cricket World Cup
  • The deteriorating outfield raises serious concerns about the safety of the players participating
  • The commentators Mathew Hayden and Nasseer Hussain drew attention the risks posed to players

The highly anticipated Cricket World Cup began with a series of disappointments that show no sign of stopping. From empty stadiums to a scoreboard malfunction, the tournament has faced its share of challenges. However, one issue that continues to plague the event is the deplorable condition of the outfield at Dharamsala, causing significant problems.

Initial concerns arose during ground inspections in Dharamsala, where officials discovered a fungal infection affecting the outfield. The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) assured everyone that the issue would be rectified before the World Cup commenced.

However, during the ODI match between Afghanistan and Bangladesh, fans were dismayed to witness sand splashing into a fielder’s face as he attempted to defend a boundary. The scene was nothing short of chaotic, raising eyebrows and concerns among cricket enthusiasts.

Prominent commentators Nasser Hussain and Matthew Hayden did not hold back in their criticism of the field’s condition. During the match, they even drew attention to a nearby cricket field, remarking that it was quite similar to Dharamsala. Their concerns centered on the potential risks posed to the players, particularly regarding injuries if they were to dive or slide on the problematic outfield.

The deteriorating outfield in Dharamsala has become an injury scare, and questions are being raised about the decision to choose this venue. With four more matches scheduled to be played at the same ground, experts and fans alike are increasingly worried about the safety of the players.

The deteriorating outfield is also casting a shadow over the World Cup, with concerns growing about the players’ well-being. It remains to be seen how this issue will be addressed and whether the remaining matches at this venue will proceed without further incident.

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