Dale Steyn Lauds Hassan Ali’s Stellar Performance in World Cup

In the cricketing world, praises for brilliant performances often come from fellow players, and that’s precisely what happened after yesterday’s match between Pakistan and the Netherlands in Hyderabad. Dale Steyn, renowned for his fast bowling, took a moment to acknowledge Hassan Ali’s outstanding contribution to Pakistan’s victory.

In a recent interview with ESPNcricinfo, Steyn lauded Hassan Ali’s performance and emphasized how crucial it was to the team’s success. Despite not having had the opportunity to open the bowling with the new ball for a while, Hassan Ali stepped up to the plate and showcased his cricketing prowess effectively.

The absence of Pakistan’s trio of fast bowlers had created significant pressure to perform and fill the void left by these key players. However, Hassan Ali’s exceptional performance ensured that their absence wasn’t acutely felt.

Steyn praised Hassan Ali’s adaptability, noting that it can be disruptive when a team loses its usual opening fast-bowling unit. Nevertheless, Hassan Ali managed to excel by focusing on his line and length rather than trying to generate high-speed deliveries in the range of 140-145 KMPH.

What caught Steyn’s attention beyond Hassan Ali’s skill on the field was his unwavering positive attitude. He pointed out that Hassan Ali’s ever-present smile demonstrated his satisfaction and enjoyment while playing, reflecting a player who loves the game.

As Pakistan’s World Cup journey continues, their second match is scheduled against Sri Lanka on October 10th in Hyderabad. With players like Hassan Ali in good form and receiving accolades from cricketing greats like Dale Steyn, the team carries a positive momentum into their upcoming matches.

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