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Babar Azam retained his No 1 spot

  1. Babar retains his No 1 spot in ICC ODI rankings.
  2. Shubman gill became more close to Babar and his new rating points are 847.
  3. A tough competition is expected between Babar and Gill in World cup.

Babar Azam retains his No. 1 spot in the ICC ODIranking. Shubman Gill was a strong candidate to beat Babar in Icc ODI rankings but Babar remained successful in retaining his No 1 position. In the new ODI rankings, Shubman Gill became more close to No 1 ranked Babar and there is a difference of only 10 rating points between Babar and Gill.


The new points are:

  1. Babar Azam:857
  2. Shubman Gill:847

Babar is No 1 in ICC ODI rankings from almost 2.5 years which is a massive period. The reason behind this is the consistency of Babar. Babar Azam’s overall average in Odis is 59 which is outstanding.

This year is going exceptional for Shubman Gill. Shubman Gill scored 1230 runs this year in ODIs  and no batter in the world has crossed 1000 runs. Gill made 6 centuries this year and is averaging 72.35 in 2023.

Babar is 6th highest run getter in ODIs 2023. Babar is overall going very good but till now in 2023 Shubman Gill has been exceptional. World cup 2023 is coming and there will be tough competition between these two batters.

In world cup, Shubman Gill will try to beat Babar in rankings and will try to score more runs for team India. Similarly, Babar Azam will try to retain his position and is looking forward to score some quality runs for Pakistan.

Most of the runs of Gill came in India and this world cup is to be played in India. So Gill will have some advantage over other current best players of ODIs.  Gill’s performance in world cup is going to be very significant for team India.

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