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Babar Azam: Pakistan’s ODI wonder amongst big names

  1. Babar Azam’s among the seven wonders of one day by Star sports
  2. Babar Azam has achieved feats that were previously unheard of in Pakistan’s cricketing history
  3. Babar’s Phenomenal Record

In the realm of One Day International (ODI) cricket, there exists a prestigious list of seven wonders, a testament to the incredible talents that grace the cricketing world. Among these experts, Babar Azam stands out as a rising star, with the shortest cricketing career of them all. In the notable company of Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma, Joe Root, Kane Williamson, David Warner, and Steve Smith. Babar Azam is achieving triumphs that were previously unattainable in Pakistan’s cricketing history.

What sets Babar Azam apart is not just his exceptional talent but also his rapid ascent to the pinnacle of ODI cricket. He holds the distinguished position of being the No. 1 ODI batsman in the world as the World Cup approaches.

Remarkably, Babar Azam has achieved this feat despite having played significantly fewer matches than the other six cricketing giants who share this list with him. His remarkable journey is a source of immense pride for the nation, as he prepares to represent Pakistan on the world stage.

He continues to climb the ladder of success with unwavering determination and unparalleled class. With nearly 13,000 runs in his sights, currently boasting 12,666 runs, Babar Azam’s performance in the upcoming World Cup carries immense weight, both for the team and his legacy.

In his 108 ODI appearances, Babar Azam has showcased his batting prowess, amassing 5,409 runs, including an astonishing 19 centuries and 28 half-centuries. His consistency and ability to deliver under pressure have been nothing short of phenomenal.

As the cricketing world eagerly anticipates the approaching World Cup, all seven players on this list share equal chances of making their mark. Each possesses a unique set of skills and experiences, promising an epic battle on the grand stage of ODI cricket. The world watches with excitement as these cricketing wonders prepare to redefine the limits of the sport.

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