5 Pakistani Cricketers who made comeback after Retirement

Departure from the profession is very common. As many people retire from their jobs after serving. Some retire early and many decide to leave after many years.

Players also have to hang their boots from cricket but a comeback after is very rare in the cricket world. This break may be the result of different personal activities, or accidents and conflicts.

Pakistani cricketers also made comebacks after their retirements.

Here are five Pakistani Cricketers who made a comeback

5-Wahab Riaz

Cricket Career

Veteran player and fast bowler Wahab Riaz made his entry into the cricket world. In 2010 Riaz had made his debut against the team of England. He has got worldwide appreciation due to his outstanding performance in World Cup 2015.

In the year 2018-2019, he achieved a central contract from PCB. In the Twenty20 tri-series in Pakistan versus Bangladesh match, he obtained 3 wickets for 22 runs. While in the same series against India he finished 2 wickets for 85 runs.

In the 2011 ICC World Cup semifinal, he conceded 5 wickets in battle with the Indian team. That proved a major turning point for him. Although the Indian team made a victory in this match, he was spotlighted and availed the chance to play international cricket.

He was purchased by Peshawar Zalmi for 140,000 dollars in the year 2016. In the next year 2017, he was maintained by the same franchise. He led the tournament towards victory and was entitled as the highest wicket-taker as in 19 matches, Riaz had taken 30 wickets.

In the 2015 World Cup quarter-final match he spelled Shane Watson. Cricket experts much-admired Riaz due to his best spelling performance.


Wahab Riaz retired from test cricket after 2018. From the year 2010 to 2018 he performed in 27 cricket test matches. He declared to take a rest from red-ball.


Later after 2 years, he came out of his retirement. He stated, “I was thinking to come out from my retirement for my team”. Along with it, the cricket board was also willing for his return”.

But, on the other hand, he has not performed in test matches after his comeback to the test series.

4-Javed Miandad

Cricket Career

Greatest Pakistani batter Javed Miandad is amongst the world’s best batsmen. He performed during 1975 and 1996. He played matches of One Day Internationals and Test Series.

He has achieved many wonderous victories for the Pakistani team. He proved himself an exceptional player. He hit 93 half-centuries in international matches.

As only 21 years old he captained his team in 1980/81. He started his test matches in 1976 and made a century in a cricket battle with the New Zealand team.

He scored 280 runs with not out in the Pakistan versus India match in the test series of 1982/83. He is the second cricketer (after Sachin Tendulkar) who performed in 6 World Cups from 1975 to 1996. Miandad’s cricket career covered 21 years and he is known as a popular player.

He is much remembered as he struck a six off the last ball of the cricket match and defeated great rival India. He is still known as the finest player ever.


But, in the early nineties, he could not perform well so he retired from the test series. He announced his departure from the cricket world before the World Cup in 1996.


Later, he was appealed by “Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto” PM Pakistan to play the World Cup in 1996. So, at her request, he came back from his retirement and played for Pakistan.

3-Mohammad Amir

Cricket Career

Bowler Mohammad Amir started his cricket debut both in test matches and ODIs in 2009 and ended them in 2019. He made his entry in the Twenty20 series in 2009 and played the last match in this format in 2020.

As a batter, he ranked top position of highest runs in an innings. Along with it, he is ranked 3rd as the youngest player of just 17 years as in an inning, he had taken 5 wickets.

Amir was only 18 years old when he was handed a 5 years ban and 3 months in jail due to his involvement in a match-fixing scandal.


Amir decided his unexpected part ways with cricket in the year 2020.


Later, he announced his return to the game in 2021 to play for Pakistan.

2-Imran Khan

Cricket Career

Past cricket master Imran Khan is one of the most popular players in the cricket arena. With his skills and bright performance, the Pakistan cricket team conquered the cricket ground of World Cup 1992.

Khan performed as a skillful all-rounder. He also had exceptional bowling abilities. He grabbed the eyes of the public due to his looks and extraordinary talent. No, doubt he was a good tactician in the cricket world.

He served the cricket world for more than twenty years.


Khan revealed his retirement just after the cricket World Cup in 1986. But he rejoined the cricket ground in 1987. Later, in the year 1992, he retired again from cricket.


He stepped into cricket again in 1987 as he wanted to draw funds for Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital.

1-Shahid Afridi

Cricket Career

All-rounder and paragon player served more than twenty years in the cricket field. Afridi had performed in 398 One Day Internationals. He scored a total of 8064 runs in his ODI cricket matches.

He began his ODI career in 1996 while his test series started in 1998. He made his T20 debut in the year 2006. As a captain, he scored the highest runs in Twenty20 matches.

Along with it in the year 2010, he also showed the best bowling performance against Australia. Boom Boom is a legendary bowler and all-rounder. At the end parts of his career, he effectively performed his bowling skills.

Lala also had made the fastest century in just 37 deliveries in a One Day International. No, doubt he proved himself an aggressive batter who had qualities of rival destructions. He was awarded Sitara-i-Imtiaz in the year 2018.


Afridi was much unpredictable as he has retired multiple times such as 2010, 2011, 2015, 2017, and 2022.


Afridi is capricious as he retired almost 5 times and he made many comebacks in cricket. He announced to step out from the test cricket series in 2006. But surprisingly he came back just after 2 weeks.

Then again, he revealed his retirement from test matches in the year 2010. In the year 2011, after 5 months of his departure from international cricket, he again made his entry into the cricket team. Later, he considered putting an end to his One Day International format in 2012.

But Afridi proved wrong again as he played till World Cup 2015. Again, he called to quit his international career but later he decided to perform Pakistan Super League. In the present year 2022, he has declared his last cricket show in PSL due to his back pain.

As players are also normal human beings they also require a break from their tough duties. These 5 Pakistani cricketers retired shortly and then made a comeback of their retirement with more passion.

Frequently Asked Questions

1-Why did Wahab Riaz come out of his retirement?

As cricket board wanted to hire him again. Along with it he personally had the interest to make his re-entry in cricket. So, he came out of his retirement.

2- Which Pakistani cricketer played most World Cup matches?

Javed Miandad is the first Pakistani cricket player who performed in 6 World Cup cricket tournaments. He is at 2nd number after Sachin Tendulkar to perform in 6 World Cups.

3- Why Javed Miandad is still remembered?

Javed Miandad is still remembered as he struck a six off the last ball in a cricket match. Due to Miandad’s great performance, Pakistan won the match.

4- Why did Javed Miandad come back from retirement?

Javed Miandad came back from retirement as Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto former Pakistan Prime Minister requested him to perform in the World Cup 1996. So, he accepted her request.

5- What kind of cricketer Muhammad Amir is?

Amir achieved the 3rd position in ranking as the youngest player who made 5 wickets in an innings. He also achieved a top position as a good batsman.

6- Why was Mohmmad Amir punished?

Mohammad Amir was handed a ban for 5 years as he was involved in match-fixing. He was also sent to jail for 3 months.

7- When did Imran Khan retire?

Imran Khan decided to take retirement from cricket in 1986. But, then in the year 1987, he again joined cricket. Later he again departed from cricket after the 1992 World Cup.

8- Why did Imran Khan come back from his retirement?

Imran Khan came back from retirement as he wanted to get more funds for “Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital”. Cricket and World Cup could play an important role in raising funds.

9- Why Shahid Afridi is so popular?

Shahid Afridi is so popular as he is an aggressive batsman and has the power to destroy the rivals in the ground of cricket. He had made a full century in 37 deliveries.

10- Why did Shahid Afridi announce his retirement from PSL recently in 2022?

Shahid Afridi has a severe back pain problem. So, he cannot continue his cricket career further, so he decided to quit PSL.

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Impossible to compare PSL with IPL, says Aakash Chopra

Impossible to compare PSL with IPL, says Aakash Chopra

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